Re-Visit! Dahleez Restaurant in JBR, Dubai

03 Jun

For dinner, I found myself sitting in Dahleez in JBR, Dubai. I have had good experiences with them in the past. This would be a Re-Visit review, where I discuss new dishes I tried, and compare the Dining Experience with last time! (Full Review of Dahleez Restaurant JBR can be read here)

For today’s visit I had the Cream of Chicken Soup Reviewed last time and there were some Unfortunate changes. The Soup was more watery than the last time, being a Cream soup, it was better thicker.

The Contents of the Soup were lacking too, the Chicken was about less than half the amount I had received the last time.
The Soup went from Good to Fine.

For my Main Dish, I had their Dahleez Mixed Grill.

The plate seemed full of food, and it certainly was! There was 2 Skewers of Minced meat (Kufta), 1 Skewer of Chicken Cubes, 1 Skewer of Beef Cubes, 1 Piece of Lamb Chop, 1 Piece of Arayes (Basically Minced Meat cooked in Bread on the far right of the image) and 2 sides!
I shall start with the sides. The Vegetables, as before, they were ordinary. They have been Steamed more than the last time, but were still bland and needed Salting.
Fries were also ordinary, a little Salt, some sauce and you get normal French Fries.
The Kufta: 2 Skewers of Kufta were extremely soft. It had light flavors, nothing delicious but had a little flavor. picking it up with a Fork could split it. I think that was a little too soft.
The Chicken Cubes: Very good. Perfectly Grilled, tender, soft and juicy. (These are generally called Shesh Tawooq on the menu, so I would recommend ordering a Plate of Shesh Tawooq as a Main Dish)
The Beef Cubes: Grilled well, a little chewy but had nice flavor. I personally like a little contrast and the Grilled Onion in the corner when sliced and had with the Beef Cubes were good.
The Lamb Chops: It was Grilled well but was missing flavor. The piece was rather small and didn’t have more than one bite worth of meat.
The Arayes: Bland. It was cold and had no flavor.
On the top of the plate, as a typical Mixed Grill tradition, is a Toasted Bread with Tomato Sauce and Sesame Seeds on top. I don’t really fancy this personally as it was bland.

After the Meal I felt like something Sweet. I still have not decided whether to create a new section for sweets or not, so for now, its together with the Meal and I had ordered me a Tiramisu.

I have not have not had this before at Dahleez. It was really good! It was soft, creamy, and delicious. Not too much cream, not too much coffee. It was just right. The piece was fairly big and was filling sweet-wise, I neither felt like I wanted more sugar, nor felt like I couldn’t finish it. They do have a dessert stand with a fixed amount per day, which I think gives the impression (might be the truth as well) that they make them daily and once what they have is done, there’s no more.
The Presentation was interesting. I like the Sprayed Chocolate Powder around the plate but the Spoon and Fork were creative, and looked attractive on the plate.

The Service: As reviewed earlier they were all polite, attentive and willing to serve. There was plenty of staff around and do maintain their standards.

Value: Dahleez Restaurant remains good value. The Mixed Grill was 59 Dhs which is very good for the quantity of Meats served.

So how does my Re-Visit to Dahleez compare with my Review?

These were my Ratings:

The Place:   5 / 10
The Service: 7 / 10
The Food:    6 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10

So, what did I think Deviated from the above?

I think that would be The Food. I think it should -0.5

The Place’s rating drops to 5.8 / 10.

To me, this means that they are fairly consistent, sometimes the food might be good or slightly under-par but does not drastically change.

I’d recommend this place.

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