Domino’s Pizza

02 Jun

I haven’t had Pizza in a while so I thought of all the places near by. I could have gone for Pizza Hut, or a few other “authentic” Italian places, but I went for Domino’s because of their delicious Pizza. Okay the truth is I really like their Chicken Wings.

Gave them a call and they took down the order (They were polite) and brought it over quite quickly actually and under the time estimated. Then again, they are near by where I live.

I liked Domino’s pizzas because they taste good and unlike other Fast-Food Pizza places, there was good flavor in the bread.

So I went ahead and ordered a Small Hot and Spicy Pizza with the Normal Crust and an order of Barbecue Chicken Wings!

The packaging of Domino’s is not the typical Pizza Box but a little fancy folded on the front type of box. It is essentially a re-designed Pizza Box.
I do realize that the Chicken Wings is considered an Appetizer but I like to eat it at the end! It’s like saving the best for last.
The Pizza was very nice. I find this kind of dough in a Pizza much better than the ones found in other places which are thicker, thinner and less flavorful. It was cut into 4 big slices and there was sufficient vegetables on top. The Hot and Spicy Pizza contains: Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Beef, Onions, and Jalapeno. The Crust was the ordinary crust but Domino’s have something called Crispy Melt in their Pizza’s which essentially means some Cheese is melted on to the Crust. The bubbling effect on the Crust is the Cheese melted.
The Crust/Bread was thick, Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
It arrived hot and that’s very important and the Cheese was still stringy. I like that.

I hurried up eating the Pizza to get to the Chicken Wings. I am not a big Chicken Wing’s fan in general, but there are a few places that I really like Wings from. Domino’s wings are just the right sized (Not scarily large like some places, it freaks me sometimes when a Wing is as big as a Chicken Thigh!), Barbecue’d well, slight crispiness on the outside and covered in a well selected Barbecue Sauce.
There are 8 pieces and all were well cooked. I do like that there was extra sauce around the bottom to almost dip in the Chicken Wings. Sometimes there isn’t sufficient sauce and that is a slight turn off, so to always be sure, I ask for extra!
They were extremely hot, and had to wait for them to cool down.

Sometimes one notices care in the order where they provide Tissues, Ketchup and a TV guide, unfortunately this time, they didn’t bring anything but the food.

Value: Domino’s do not provide a bill, they instead write the prices of each individual item on the front of the boxes, and I think (not sure) one of the boxes has the total. The Small Pizza cost 22 Dhs and the Chicken Wings is 17 Dhs. They do charge 5 Dhs for delivery. It is fair for a good Pizza with an 8 Piece Appetizer.

The Packaging: 6 / 10
The Food:         6 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10

I’d recommend this place to deliver. Just watch those fingers with the Hot Chicken Wings!

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