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Zaatar W Zeit

It has been a really long time that I hadn’t tried Zaatar W Zeit. It was getting late and when I started to think of what restaurants were open late at night, I remembered they open for 24 hours. Drove over and picked up something to eat.

They have all kinds of Saj Bread sandwiches, and main Manakeesh Sandwiches.

The staff were polite and presented me with the Menu, and after my order, they offered to bring it to me in my car.

The Packaging was simple, a nice paper bag closed with a Zaatar W Zeit sticker. It was really hot though! I held it and had to lay it down. I was definitely certain at that point, it was straight out of the oven!

I had ordered 2 Cheese Manakeesh (Akawi type of Cheese, as they have a small selection of Cheeses) and one Hot Dog.

Once I opened (Okay.. tore) the Packaging, they had placed the Sandwiches together and provided a few napkins. The wrappings are two layer (one for the top one for the bottom) and a sticker labeling what the sandwiches were. It seemed well thought off and done with care.

First off I started with the Hot Dog. It is actually Hot Dog with Cheese. I was asked if I wanted ketchup and mayonnaise with it, but thinking about the warm Saj Bread with Cheese, the ketchup didn’t seem like it would fit.

It was cut into 4 pieces and tasted nice actually. The Hot Dogs were the typical frozen kind you find at the supermarket, the cheese was warm and the bread was nice. My only criticism would be that there wasn’t enough Hot Dog slices in it. The whole Saj bread might have had one or one and a half Sausages. It certainly needs around two or two and a half to have been near perfect. As expected, the edges on the top and bottom were mostly bread.

The Cheese Manakeesh (Akwai) Looked nearly the same, except was not cut up. There was plenty of Cheese, and it was thick lovely cheese. Even after a drive home that took 20 minutes, the Cheese was still pretty hot and the Saj bread, just as in the Hot Dog, was hot and nice.

For a nice Manakeesh or Saj Sandwiches, Zaatar W Zeit do a good job.

The Value:

The Cheese Manakeesh costs 13 Dhs each, which is pretty decent especially with it being nice, but the Hot Dog was 28 Dhs which did not make any sense. I just did not see why the Hot Dog had to be more than double the Cheese Manakeesh.

The Packaging: 6 / 10
The Food:         7 / 10

Overall: 6.5 / 10

I’d recommend this place. They have nice Saj bread sandwiches and a good selection of Manakeesh which they prepare well. Also, they are open 24/7.. they can’t go wrong with that.

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Pizza Hut for Lunch at Mirdif City Center

On the side of my main meal, I felt like trying Pizza Hut’s new Boneless Chicken Wings before the promotion ended.

The good thing is the Variety. In their theme “Wing Street”, the Chicken Wings come in two types Ordinary (With bones, called “Bone in”) and Boneless (Called “Bone out”) with 4 flavors: Original, Chili, Honey BBQ (Which is actually Honey Mustard) and Grilled Flavor (I forgot to ask what that is).

They come in 4, 9 and 12 Pieces (10 Dhs, 19 Dhs and 24 Dhs respectively).

I went with the 9 Pieces with the Honey BBQ Sauce.

They came in their Traditional Take Away Box but with a new design and color. They provided Tissues, Ketchup and Utensils. It smelled really good and I could not wait to dig in!

They had given me a Buzzer and the staff had been polite and friendly from the start. Welcoming and greeted us too.

I opened the box and was greeted by 9 pieces of Boneless Wings. I have had this issue before, why “wings” ? I shall not go through this again, but I always wonder. I quickly dug in and I really liked it!
The Chicken: They were hot, crispy on the outside and were delicious. What really made a difference was the sauce! There wasn’t a lot of sauce but sufficient for taste. The Honey BBQ was actually Honey Mustard. There was more Mustard taste than Honey which was very good. I absolutely loved it. A really good Appetizer!

Value: Pretty decent. 19 Dhs for 9 pieces of Chicken “Wings” is quite alright. Their ordinary Chicken Wings cost exactly the same, so it fits well especially since it is nicer.

Verdict: Go for it. Try it as an appetizer even if you want something else, it is worth it.

The Food: 7.5 / 10

I really recommend this Appetizer.

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London Fish & Chips for Lunch at Mirdif City Center

Once again, a new Category. I do believe this might be the last one I add though.. I decided to create a Food Court category because it would not be fair to rate the Place as it is the Food Court not their place, and the Service as you only spend 2 minutes at the counter. I shall mainly review the experience and rate the food.

The first thing was, I have not had London Fish & Chips in a while so thought it would be around time. I ordered me their “Mayfair”. At the counter the staff were all polite and happy to serve. They provided a buzzer for when the food was ready.

The meal came with Chips (Fries for the rest of us), Soft Drink and a cup of fairly liquidy Tartar Sauce.
The Shrimp: First thing I realized was that there is a good amount of Shrimp, estimated around 8 Medium sized shrimps. They are fried well. They have no shell just the tail, and are coated in a crispy outer layer. They do taste rather oily and that is a bit off putting, but with a little lemon that goes away. I cannot eat the whole meal without lemon as the oil will really get to me. That is a slight downfall, the other one is that the Shrimp aren’t all deviened perfectly. They tasted well, especially with the sauce. If you like to dip in, one cup is definitely not enough. Ask for more, you’ll need it!
The Chips (Fries…): Lovely. They are hot, fried well and the insides are really soft. Also, plenty Fries to go with the Shrimp.

The tray came with a packet of Ketchup, a Salt Packet and Utensils. No Tissues though.

Value: Pretty Decent for Sea Food. The Mayfair meal was 34 Dhs. I asked for 2 extra Tartar Sauce and that was free. One thing interesting is their Bill. The meal is mentioned as 34 Dhs for the Shrimp Dish, and the drink is Free. No.. It is not free, it is 34 Dhs that includes the drink. I found that funny.

Verdict: I like their food, and this Mayfair Meal is nice. The Shrimp is nice, Fried well and there is plenty of Shrimp and Fries on the plate for one person. I just wish that the oily taste didn’t exist, but I do remind myself, these are deep fried.

The Food: 5.5 / 10

I’d recommend this place. If you feel like London style Fast-Food Sea-Food, London Fish & Chips is worth a try.


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Cinnabon at Dubai Festival City

There are many kinds of desserts around the mall, but one of the special places is Cinnabon. So, while walking around, that’s that we went for!

There is quite a few places inside, from tables to couches. There is also seating outside. The weather was not too good outside, but with the open door, it was just right to sit in front of the door. They always leave it open though, so the first table is like a special table.

We ordered a Mini Caramel PecanBon and a Chocolate Cinnabon. The Chocolate was still in the oven so I had to wait a little.

The Mini PecanBon’s official description is:

“Classic Roll is topped with Caramel and Pecans”

That is exactly how it was served. It was a little hard on the outside, but the insides were soft, warm and just right on sweetness. The sauce overflowed and that is useful for dipping in a little. The Pecans were nice too.

After about 10 minutes (They estimated 15 minutes), my Chocolate Cinnabon arrived!

It was fresh out of the Oven so it was a little hot, but that was not a problem. I could not find the Chocolate Cinnabon’s description, but it is essentially their Original Cinnabon (Warm dough filled with their legendary Makara® Cinnamon, topped with rich cream cheese frosting) with Chocolate on top and in side of the dough.

The outer layer was a little hard but only on the top, and the rest was super soft! The sweetness again was spot on for Cinnabon (It is a little over sweet compared to normal sweets, but that’s how they do it!) and it was delicious. The normal sized Cinnabon should be the Large because it was big. Should be for two people actually. There was plenty of chocolate and cream to go around, and the Center (Usually the most amazing part) was perfect. Sweet, Covered in enough sauce and super soft.

Verdict: Cinnabon as usual has not disappointed. The service was pretty good and the Cinnabons were delicious. I really liked it and I would definitely come back. The Cinnabons were Sweet, Slightly crispy on the outside, soft on the inside with sufficient sauce and cream to really enjoy every bite of the dough.

Rating: 7 / 10

I’d recommend Cinnabon for dessert.

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Cafe Havana for Lunch at Spinneys Umm Suqueim

Every time I go to Spinneys (The Umm Suqueim branch) I tend to have lunch at Cafe Havana. Today was a grocery day. Time to review Cafe Havana then!

The place overall is very open to light from the outside and it does have a very fresh wide-awake feel to it. Cafe Havana has plenty of seating from outside (By where people pass) to inside around a Fountain that’s in the center. In the back there is a long counter for the Chicken and Service.

The place looks nice, chic and has a lovely feel to it. It is calm, and has nice decor. Also, Their previous seats were annoying, tight, uncomfortable and had bad support for the back. Their new seats literally fixed all those! It is spacious, has good support for the back, and comfortable.

Quickly after picking a table for ourselves, the server had brought the Menu. One nice touch was she moved the Salt & Pepper shakers a bit away from us to make room for the Menu and the Food that’s to come.

The menu did have a good selection of food, from starters to dessert. There was no Soup section in the menu even though they do have a soup of the day (So you got to ask for that). There is a dedicated Kid’s menu though.

I have tried most of their food before and it has been good, so it was time for a little change. So we went for Sea Food. First up, the Appetizer. Deep Fried Calamari.

It did not take too long and the plate arrived nice and warm. The first impression was a good one, I liked the simple presentation, and the Calamari looked golden crisp. Before anything, I took a few without dip to check it out. They were Crispy on the outside, and very well cooked on the inside. Not stringy or chewy like I find in most places. Also, they were seasoned with Black Pepper.
On the side, there was a Mayonnaise sauce with diced up pickles. I really liked this sauce with the Calamari.
It was plentiful and there was enough Calamari rings to share.

For the main dish though, I went with Grilled Jumbo Shrimp. The dish though, had a sweetness flare to it. I was intrigued!

From the first look, the thing that clicked in my head was “Wow, Colorful”. Lots of greens, reds, yellows, pinks, etc going on! So I dug in, I was surprised, but in a nice way!
The Rice: This was the biggest surprise. I pushed the shrimp aside, took a nice spoonful only to find a piece of Pineapple inside! The Rice was nice and hot, and it had cut up pieces of Yellow Peppers and Pineapple with a little seasoning. It tasted quite good! Different, but good! it somehow.. worked!
The Shrimp: I got 4 Pieces of Grilled Shrimp. The Shrimp were grilled perfectly. Hot, Tender, evenly grilled, and seemed like it was pealed from underneath. This meant it was really easy to remove the shell, I liked that. That was not all though, they had brushed or poured a little Sweet and Sour sauce on the Shrimps. Not too much that it was overpowering the taste of the Shrimp but just enough to give a flavor. It was good.
The Sauce: Same sauce as the Calamari. this would have worked with ordinary Grilled Shrimp, but the Sweet sauce on the Shrimp would not compliment Mayonnaise so much.
The Salad: It was a typical freshly cut salad with Cucumbers, Lettuce, Tomatoes and Onions with Lemon sauce on top… and a few pieces of Chopped Pineapple.

I tell you this dish was crazy! But it was really good, the Sweets never were too strong, and it was great. I added a touch of Tabasco after my first bites, and it was superb. 4 Shrimps would not be filling alone, it does need an Appetizer or a Side.

The Service: It was good. The waiter was polite, smiling, listening, patient and attentive. When taking our orders she asked if we wanted the Calamari with or before the food, she asked if we wanted Bread with Butter, etc. The waiter put effort to satisfy our needs. Upon leaving, even though she was away she came rushing to thank us and wished to see us again. Simple, Straight forward and effective. I like to be served with a smile, and they did exactly that.

The Value: 1 Deep Fried Calamari, 2 Grilled Jumbo Shrimp, 1 Large Local Water, and 1 Pepsi came to exactly 240 Dhs. Considering the good food, ambiance, service and the fact that Sea Food is priced above average usually, I would say it is good value.

The Ratings:
The Place:   6 / 10
The Service: 7 / 10
The Food:    7 / 10

Overall: 6.7 / 10

I’d recommend this place. Calm atmosphere, good service and good food.

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Wendy’s for Dinner at Dubai Festival City

Another weekend day at the mall, walking around and after our movie, I got hungry. I had a slight craving for Wendy’s BBQ Boneless Wings. Wendy’s it was then!

First thing I wondered was, how to rate the service since it really isn’t a Dining Restaurant, So the rating will be limited to service over the counter and delivery to the table.

The place has quite a popularity even though its at a corner where there isn’t that much movement.

I stood in line (As above), reached the counter and saw they had new sandwiches which has Mushrooms in them. I like spiced up foods so I ordered something called “Spicy Mushroom Chicken” and “Asian Spicy Boneless Wings”

The place isn’t really big. They have about 6 or 7 tables inside, 3 on one side, the rest on the other. Behind the place though (where I was sitting and taking the above photograph) they have about 10 more tables. If really busy, there is sufficient seating across the restaurant in the general food court tables area.

Wendy’s is rather different than other fast food places due to a number of things; The Chicken is literally a Chicken Breast (No processed, minced, etc Chicken here) and you do get to see the inside of the chicken with its lines, stringiness, texture, and taste. This is something I really do appreciate. Also, their fries are salted with sea salt and this has a different taste to it, rather than just salted.
The meal came with the large coke (I ordered up size), large fries, the sandwich and 2 ketchup cups. Due to loving the sauce in the Asian Spicy BBQ Wings, I asked if they could put some in a cup, which they did.

The Sandwich: It was good. I found it to be a little small. I was not really that hungry, but it did not entirely satisfy. Maybe my Chicken Breast was a little smaller than usual. The Sandwich essentially had the Chicken, Cheddar Cheese (lots of it!) and Mushrooms. It was yummy actually. It was called Spicy, but the Spice is mild. Nothing to blow anyone’s tongue, but you do taste a slight spice. If I had a real criticism aside from the Breast Size, it would be that the sandwich was placed upright. Can you guess where all my Cheese was?
The French Fries: They were really good. I mean it may not be as good as some Fast Food’s traditional ones but it is different, and in a good way. The fries seemed fresh (look a whole load like New York Fries) and is salted by Sea Salt. The significance of this is, that its not just salted but there is an interesting taste from Sea Salt. With a little sauce, the ketchup or the Asian Spicy sauce I ordered and it was lovely.
The Drink: I don’t know why I even added this. It tasted like Pepsi… because it was.

After the sandwich was done, I turned to the Appetizer, The Asian Spicy Boneless Wings.

I just do not get why they insist on calling these Wings. It has no bones, it does not look like wings, and it certainly does not fly. Why wings? how about Cubes? Balls? BBQ Chicken Wonders? BBQ Chicken Something.. I duno.. Anyways, it was great as always! There is certainly plenty of them in the plate.
The reason is, you can have this as a Meal as well!
The Chicken was cooked when ordered, not stored somewhere heated and waiting to be ordered. They were Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and with the sauce, it was just lovely. The sauce is sweet, spicy, sour and just delicious. Try this sauce. Even if you don’t order the “Wings”.

The Service: Was basic and good. The Cashier was polite, listened and was happy to serve. She told us to have a seat and she would bring the food to us. As we sat and saw the table was not so clean, there was a guy going around cleaning and clearing tables, so I asked him and he quickly dropped what he was doing and came to clean the table. The food was brought to us. They only provided 1 Fork for two servings of “Wings” but again, that guy happily brought like 3 forks. As far as Fast Food is concerned, the service is pretty good.

The Value: Pretty Decent and Consistent with Fast Food. The Spicy Mushroom Chicken meal was for 23 Dhs, and enlarging the Drink and Fries cost 3 Dhs. The Asian Spicy BBQ “Wings” was 15 Dhs. This totals to 41 Dhs, which is good considering the amount of food (I know the sandwich was a little small, but there was sufficient food ordered), the good and speedy service.

The Place:   6 / 10
The Service: 6 / 10
The Food:    7 / 10

Overall: 6.3 / 10

I’d recommend this place. One of my favorite Fast Food places, and is different. If you want Fast Food but a change too, try Wendy’s.

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Wafi Gourmet for Lunch at Dubai Mall

It was a nice Friday today, and after shopping in Dubai Mall, It was time for some food! Needed a place with shisha and that really narrowed down the options. Been to a few, and as I was walking I saw Wafi Gourmet! Brilliant! Lets go! I have always been meaning to try their food.

The weather was pleasant outside, not too hot, so we decided to go sit outside.

Walking in, you see their little supermarket theme where you can buy all sorts of Lebanese food stuff, and on the side there was the grilling kitchen. Once we were out, things started to disappoint..

Out doors there were two sections with two different types of tables and chairs for the same restaurant, I found no consistency in their furniture, and it was not comfortable either. We walked out, and no one greeted us, nor even looked at us. We had to go through a maze of tables (I do think they should be more organized than this) and I had to ask for a waiter to find a table. Upon asking for a table for two, he took us to a table that was right beside some other people. We would have been like 15 CM or so, beside some other people, and I could understand him offering that if it was the only place, but there were at least 10 other free tables! Of course, I rejected and asked for another table, which they agreed. I do not know why they haven’t thought of spreading people out comfortably in the first place.

Soon after sitting, not immediately though, they brought the table setting, menu and asked if we wanted water.

First of all, the tables were not very clean, there were water rings and the ash tray was a bit dirty as well. I do understand that it is outdoors and it could get easily dirty, but at least wipe the tables every once in a while to keep things clean for new guests.

The Menu had a wide selection of starters and salads. This being a Lebanese place, it really catered for salads. There were mainly all sorts of grills and seafood as main dishes and a wide selection of Arabic sweets.

For Starters, we went for A plate of Hommos, Wine Leaves, and Greek Salad.

As they arrived, they looked appetizing, and certainly was time to dig in!
The Hommos: Disappointed. It looked good, the texture was near perfect, it was creamy rather than grainy, and very soft. So what disappointed me? It was too salty! With bread it was a bit better, but with less salt it could have been lovely
The Wine Leaves: Really good. Very Vinegary but that is how it is at most Lebanese places. It tasted nice and the ingredients were cooked well.
The Greek Salad: Again, salty! The Vegetables were fresh, clean and nicely cut. The Cheese cubes were delicious. I do not know why the salad and Hommos was salty. It literally throws off the plate.
The Bread: It was really soft, warm, hot and a little crispy on the center (top and bottom). It was freshly baked and I really liked it. With a less salty plate of Hommos it would have been amazing, too bad.

For the main course, we ordered Mixed Grills.

First thing I noticed was something that really turned things off. The plate was not in a good condition. It was not clean. I do not mean that they have not been washed, but the plates seemed to have been used for so long that the edges have blackened! How could they serve people plates that are in this condition?! A high end restaurant with a big name!

Putting the dirty plates behind me, I dug into the food:
The Sides: The plate came with 2 Pickled Cucumbers cut up vertically, a tomato that seemed grilled, and a slice of bread that has a little greens and a spicy sauce. I did not care for any of these really, they were just ok.
The Chicken Cubes (Shesh Tawooq), On the left: It was alright. It was grilled well, tasted alright, but nothing really special. It was ordinary.
The Minced Meat on a Skewer (Kofta), In the middle: Unlike the usual, it wasn’t grilled on a Skewer. It was acceptable. It didn’t blow my mind or count as delicious, but it was fine. It also had Risoni (Lesan Asfoor) in it.
The Meat Cubes (Kebab), On the right: It was well grilled, and tasted quite alright. There were two pieces of Fat and Onion grilled on the same Skewer.

The Service: It disappointed. The waiters did not welcome or even notice we walked in. They wanted to give us a table stuck beside other people when there were many empty tables. Not a single waiter smiled or was happy to serve, it seemed more like we were a burden. The only smiles came from the Shesha guy. The only plus point was they did care about coming and refilling the water. There is a lot of staff around, and at any one time there is at least 3 people around but for some reason, the service was not great.
Another important factor is the general view of one incident, after asking for the bill, I put the money in and handed the bill back to the waiter. He stood there, looked at the bill, starred at the money for a bit and then only moved. I found that awkward. Upon leaving, the only one who really cared to say anything was a lady at the entrance, she thanked us for coming. All the waiters around us who served us and the manager of the area didn’t.

The Value: 3 Salads, 2 Mixed Grill Plates, 1 Large Water and 1 Pepsi came to 260 Dhs. I do not think this is good value for this place. The service standards, the quality of the place, and the mediocre food is not worth this  amount, even though you have clear views of the Fountains.

The Place:   4 / 10
The Service: 3 / 10
The Food:    4 / 10

Overall: 3.7 / 10

I would not recommend this place. There are many worthy alternatives in Dubai Mall, even with the same type of cuisine and views.


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Leil Nhar Dubai Festival City

While walking around Festival City, I felt like something for Dessert. I decided to pass by Leil Nhar to sit a bit and also have dessert.

The menu had quite a selection of desserts, including a few Arabic ones too.

After making the order, the waiter brought the place setting.

Sitting outside was a little unpleasant but they were air conditioning units outside, that essentially blow slightly cool air. Shortly afterwards the rest of our drinks arrived and my dessert was brought.

I ordered myself something that seemed a little different, a Chocolate Marshmallow Cake. Quite a risk it seemed.

The presentation was nice, and it was time to dig in.
The Ice Cream: It was nice Vanilla Ice Cream, I could not identify which brand it was, but it was nice.
The Cake: Boring. It was thick chocolate cake. It had a weird taste, a taste one gets from those supermarket cake boxes that you make at home, a weird scent. It didn’t have the yummy bakery freshness or taste to it. The only good thing is they considered warming the cake. I could imagine, if it was cold it would have been quite hard. it was fairly thick on its own.
The Marshmallows: Small multicolored Marshmallows covered in chocolate sauce. They were interesting but I did not see them matching the rest in terms of flavors.

Verdict: I did not really enjoy this cake. It was pretty fine, but I ordered a Chocolate Cake, fine is not what I want! The taste of the Chocolate cake having that little taste usually found in cakes made at home wasn’t what I expected. Also, when going in, I saw a whole load of these cakes put on display. They basically use this chocolate cake for all their chocolate cake dishes. This isn’t made to order. The Ice Cream was the part I enjoyed. The rest wasn’t bad, but wasn’t good either.

Rating: 3 / 10

I wouldn’t recommend this dessert, try something else if you are there.

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I have filed this under Delivery, but everyone is well aware that in Dubai, you have to deliver it to yourself! (Unless you are in Dubai Media/Internet City). Passed by a drive through at a petrol station near home and got me some McFood.

The time between ordering the food and picking them up is sometimes shockingly fast. They do sometimes define “Fast Food”. Alongside KFC (Having Chicken Ready), I do believe McDonalds is one of the fastest Fast Food Places out there.

They had given me this huge brown bag! It is recycled as far as I recall (I am not 100% certain). Inside, it seemed to have more paper bags. This needed a lot of extraction!

I know what I ordered but it seemed like a lot was going on! Inside the main bag, there were 2 brown paper bags, the drinks, plenty of ketchup, some tissues, and two of the wrong sauces. (I ordered Sweet Chili, they gave me Sweet and Sour). What was special (I have heard of this but I forgot) was that they had given me 2 glasses (London 2012 written on it) for the 2 meals I ordered. They are clear in color and came with white bands in the bottom which can be removed and used as wrist bands. Cool!

Overall, I did feel that there were just too many bags used. Maybe because they were thick brown bags..

Unpacked the bags, and started with the Garden Salad with 1000 Island Sauce.

This came separately in one of the bags. It had its own utensils, and packet of sauce. The container of the Salad had all the ingredients of the salad and was attractive to look at and read. It was a cardboard base with a clear plastic top. The Salad was cold and tasted fresh. All the vegetables seemed cleaned well too. Online the description of the Salad is:

“Romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, crunchy carrot shreds and a dash of Jack Cheddar cheese”

First of all, there was no dash of Jack Cheddar Cheese. Instead, there was Cucumbers and Green Peppers.

Of course, one does not go to McDonalds for the Salads. We had ordered the Grand Chicken – Special, and a Spicy McChicken Spicy.

The McChicken Spicy is one of my favorite sandwiches from McDonalds, but I have it with a little twist. Long ago, They had an offer where they added an extra patty of Chicken. The offer came and ended, but you can still order it with another patty! So this McChicken Spicy is Double up’d!

Being a meal, it came with a drink of your choice (can be substituted with juice) and fries, which I had up-sized as well.
The Sandwich: Very nice. There is something about McDonalds that is very consistent in their food, rarely does it change and if so, it would be due to a temporary issue (busy place, supply issue, or something like that) and it goes back to how it was. Even their Chicken Patties remain relatively the same shape too. The sandwich had plenty of crunchy lettuce, 2 patties of Spicy Chicken, enough Mayonnaise to go around the sandwich and Cheese. One of my favorite and maintains its status. Doubling the patty gives enough meat with the bread and the flavors are good. It is not very spicy, but has that spicy tingle.
The French Fries: In typical McDonalds tradition, its slightly over salted. I do not know why but it always has been that way for some reason. The fries themselves were nice, hot and crispy. With a little sauce to dip into, it is yummy.

The Grand Chicken – Special: I did not try personally. It looked up to standard, and was wrapped unlike my sandwich. I was told it tasted good. The size is pretty big compared to my sandwich even with double the patty. Very filling. It had lettuce, roca (Jarjeer in Arabic), tomatoes, Cheese, slice of chicken roll and the sauce is what McDonalds calls the “grainy gourmet sauce” which is essentially some sort of Mayonnaise derivative.

The Value:

The bill at McDonalds is not very people friendly. It seems like the drinks cost 12 Dhs and the Sandwiches are under-priced. Essentially what happens is, they list the sandwiches alone, and the fries and drink of the meal alone. 1 Spicy McChicken is 21 + 4 Dhs for the extra patty, 1 Grand Chicken Special is 23 and 1 Garden Salad is 12, totaling to 60 Dhs. It is good value considering the amount of food, and quality & clean feel of their food.

The Packaging: 6 / 10
The Food:         7 / 10

Overall: 6.5 / 10

I’d recommend this place. Just note that they have no Delivery in most places, so you will have to Dine in, or Drive through and Pick up the food yourself till they start delivery.

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Columbus Cafe for Breakfast at Deira City Center

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will notice I do not really have breakfast often, if at all. Since I had things to do in the morning and it got delayed, I thought okay why not, let me have Breakfast.

Columbus cafe in Deira City Center is one of my favorite places in the mall and it is far away from the busyness.
There is seating by mall where you see people going and coming, and seating inside the cafe (behind the outer seats and a little higher). One of the nice touches of the place is a big banner on top.

That is exactly what I feel like doing when I read that!

I reached there around 12 PM and I saw they had a Breakfast leaflet. I asked about it and they told me it had finished at 11AM but will check. A minute later he came and said, “sure we can serve you Breakfast!” I liked that!

I sat on the outer part of the cafe, overlooking the mall as the tables were small and comfy.

All the tables are set up with the Menu, Sugars and Tissue.

A little bit later and my English Breakfast had arrived.

Before I review the dish, you are given the option of
– Omelette, Fried Eggs, Poached Eggs or Scrambled Eggs
– Beef Bacon or Beef Sausage
– 1 Drink of your choice (Coffee, Tea, Milk, Water, Juice) I do not think Milkshakes and Lattes would be possible.

This was the basic Breakfast, the leaflet in the previous photo has a breakfast with a muffin as well. I had the regular Breakfast.
The first thing I noticed is there seems to be a lot of food on the plate! Starting from the bottom:
The Omelette: It was very good. It needed a little salting, but not too much. It had Mushrooms, Red Peppers, Green Peppers, Onions and Cheese. I liked that combination, cooked well, and looked good.
The Potato Wedges: It was hot, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. With a little ketchup (Provided in a cup conveniently) was very nice. I really enjoyed them.
The Beef Sausages: They did not look appetizing one bit, but tasted really good! It looks that way because I assume it was heated using a Toaster, Sandwich maker or something. The taste was a little peppery but in a good way. I liked the Sausages, I wanted more than 2 though.
The Toasted Bread: Plain, simple square cuts of bread hot out of the toaster. I cut up some of the Omelette, placed it on the toasted squares, cut them into four and enjoyed the bite sized….. bites.
The Salad: I mean, its not really a salad, but just a quick mention. They were fresh.

The Service: It was good. The staff were standing around the entrance welcoming people. As soon as I sat down, someone had come taken the menu from the table and handed it to me. The waiter was polite and managed to squeeze me a Breakfast an hour after they were done with it. Upon leaving he thanked me and wished to see me again. Nothing extra ordinary, but nothing bad at all.

The Value: Incredible. The Breakfast plate (Very filling) with 1 drink of choice was for 20 Dhs. That was it. Not only was that good value (I don’t want to seem like I am advertising them or anything) but they have a lunch combo too which has a Salad or Sandwich, a muffin, and a drink for 28 Dhs!

The Ratings:
The Place:   5 / 10
The Service: 6 / 10
The Food:    7 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10

I’d recommend this place for Breakfast.


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