Al Andalosia For Lunch in Uptown Mirdiff

29 May

As the weather starts to warm up, I like to take advantage of the last few outdoor seating options as I can, and did so at Al Andalosia for lunch (well.. late lunch..)

The place is rather big with ample space inside and outside for seating, although their outdoor seating is bigger than the inside. A cool thing about the place’s architecture is the section that is indoors has glass panels around it which can be folded like a curtain, thus leaving the indoor.. as outdoor.

The outdoor seating overlooks a round about which is a second entry to Uptown Mirdiff.

The view is spacious and there aren’t any high buildings around. Good fresh air.

The staff usually stand in a little gap between the doors of the restaurant’s two indoor sections (Assuming for the Air Conditioning) and were overlooking the outdoor seating attentively. One thing that was especially nice was a feeling that they maintain standards. I was outdoors and when I sat on a table, it was shiny and clean. I might have come right after they cleaned, I do not know, but when I came and sat, it was!

As it turns out from the menu they are a part of the Al Hakawati group of restaurants.
The menu is quite good, there is a good selections of starters, appetizers, grills, and international dishes. Nothing special or a specific dish of the place but a good enough selection to find something one could fancy. They did not jump ahead with water, and they brought it only when ordered. The place has Shesha indoors and outdoors for the smokers out there but I wouldn’t know whether to recommend it or not (I only do food here!)

For Starters (and after giving up on sitting outside…) I ordered the Mushroom Soup.

The Soup was really good! There was plenty of Mushroom in it (as can be seen in the picture) and tasted just right. It was slightly salty (A trend I am seeing in some soups these days..) but not in a bad way, it was flavorful and meant that way. Just warm enough to enjoy and not too warm to burn anything. The soup itself wasn’t too thick either, just watery enough for Cream of Mushroom Soup.
The Sides: This is a mystery at Al Andalosia. I have been here a few times, and every time I get served a different creation by the chefs inside. In this instance I got Bread with Cheese (This seems to be the most often served side) and fried bread or something.. That was not nice at all. Tasted fried and oily. Naturally that was the only thing that returned to the chef after my soup was done.

For the Main Dish I ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast.

First thoughts were that it looked nice and I liked the shape of the plates, and I liked the fact the plate was hot. I do not know why that matters to me but I like that touch.
The Chicken: Perfectly grilled, it was juicy and delicious. There was an overflow of Mushroom Sauce, which really complimented the soup I just had. The Mushrooms were exactly the same too. There was enough sauce to really dip in the Chicken to liking.
The Side: I couldn’t really tell if they were just Grilled, but I felt like they steamed the Vegetables and then finished them on the grill. Nice touch being a Grilled dish. They were cooked well, and were not crunchy.

The Service: There was enough staff to go around the tables and were attentive. They would pass different sections of the place to be sure no one is waiting. The service was fairly quick as well. Staff were friendly and polite. There really was no complaints on the service, yet nothing extra-ordinary, just simple good service.

Value: 1 Soup, 1 Main dishes and a Large water came up to just under 100 Dhs. The price is quite fair for a nice clean place with good food and service.

The Place:    5   / 10
The Service: 6.5 / 10
The Food:     6   / 10

Overall:  5.8 / 10

I’d recommend this place. Especially when the weather is just right.

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