Café Blanc For Lunch at Dubai Mall

27 May

Passed by Dubai Mall and caught a quick lunch. I didn’t really have time for a complete dining experience but had a quick one!

The Café is classy and big with indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating is especially nice because of a clear view of the Fountain Shows outside.

Even though it was a little hot, I enjoyed the views during the day so sat outside for the quick lunch.

The Café has lovely Place Settings and Cutlery.

The menu selection is mainly Arabic being that its a Lebanese Restaurant but they do have a good variety of food selection. I specifically like soup for lunch before food, but nothing really caught my eye. I’d expect any restaurant to have at least Chicken, Mushroom Soup or interesting creations but they didn’t.

A nice touch to the atmosphere and theme of the restaurant was when the water came (which didn’t come as soon as we were seated, unlike the trend of places I have visited recently) they brought two small dishes with Almonds and Termis (As per Google, its also known as Lupin Grain).

The nice thing about them was that they were Ice Cold! It was like a perfect snack before the food came, and being cold, really went well with sitting outdoors.

Waiters were not that attentive and there was some looking around for someone to take an order in order to get attention. The place does serve Shesha in their own unique Stainless Steel Sheshas which are like Cylinder Tubes which is pretty classy.

The Main dish was their Mixed Grill.

The food was served with Pickles as most Arabic Restaurants do with Grills.
The Meats: The Beef cubes were good. They were warm (I could have liked if a little warmer) and cooked well. The Kofta (Minced Meat Grilled on a Skewer) was really good. The flavors and herbs in it was superb, but the real highlight was the Chicken Cubes. They were perfectly cooked, really tender and juicy.
The Sides: There were two slices of bread with two fillings, one with Minced Meat baked in the bread and another with Herbs, Tomato Paste and some greens (Lightly Spicy). These were nice bites on the side, but nothing special. The other side was French Fries which with a little Salt and favored Sauce (Ketchup in this case) was quite normal.

It was a good dish, and the Meats were cooked really up to standard. The dish required a little more flavors around the Meats, and the menu could use a little updating. Also, some might find (including me) that just 3 Skewers might not be very filling. Some places with similar food offer bigger Skewers or additional Meats in their Mixed Grill such has a Lamb Chop or a Shrimp.

The Service: It was alright. The waiters were around, just not always a 100% attentive, they were polite but might have been better suited with a smile. I couldn’t fully go against them because it is pretty hot and if I was out in the heat I’d not be Smiling much either. I have been here before though, and the service standards were quite similar. There was a slight delay in getting the bill too.

Value: 2 Main dishes, 1 Large Bottled Water, and a Shesha was a little over 250 Dhs. It is slightly above average on the price front, and that is considering the location and views too.

The Place:   6 / 10
The Service: 4 / 10
The Food:    5 / 10

Overall: 5 / 10

I’d suggest this place but know there are worthy alternatives near by!


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