Pizza Hut for Dinner at Hor-Al-Anz

26 May

Pizza Hut has never been overlooked in terms of delicious pizzas, and so, I didn’t overlook it today.

Driving around, found a Pizza Hut in Hor-Al-Anz, Dubai. Now, there wasn’t much expectation of the overall quality of the place as it was in a services station surrounded by car services, oil change stations and car washes. The restaurant didn’t disappoint my original thought, but wasn’t that bad actually.

The place was acceptably clean and from what I understood by people making orders that it was mainly a take-out branch than a Dine-In one, even though there were about 6 places for people sit and eat.

From first glance, the salad bar was fairly clean and nothing to discourage eating, not like it was extremely appetizing either.

The first evidence that this branch isn’t the traditional Dine-In

Yes, No normal plates. There was just 1 person working in the place as a cashier/waiter and he came up with paper plates, and an aluminium container for the salad.

The salad itself was fresh, and although I did not pick a variety I could see that the salads were fresh and clean.

The meal we ordered (Meal for Four) came with Garlic Bread which we upgraded to have additional Cheese

At this point, Pizza Hut started clawing back points! Ignoring that it also came in a paper plate, the Garlic Bread with Cheese was crunchy, warm and delicious. It is exactly what one can expect from Pizza Hut’s standards. The cheese was stringy and had melted into the bread.

There was still a little doubt as to whether the main pizzas would continue the trend or not..

Oh yes they did. We had two pizzas, the Pepperoni which Cheese and the Super Supreme. The Pepperoni was traditional Pizza Hut quality Pepperoni pizza. It was hot out of the oven and the Cheese was stringy and created all the pizza Cheese drama expected and there was sufficient Pepperoni thrown around. The Super Supreme also didn’t disappoint, the vegetables tasted fresh and the Cheese was also hot and stringy. Both the breads were soft and crunchy at the edges.

The Service: I wouldn’t want to be biased on the service being that there were plenty of customers coming in and the cashier himself was the server, but he did respond well when he didn’t have someone in front of him. He was quick to serve and was polite. He did seem extremely stressed out but managed to maintain good customer service.

Value: Meal for four (Should be meal for 3 max!) included 2 Medium Pizzas, 4 Garlic breads with additional Cheese, salad plate (or in this case aluminium container) and 4 drinks came to 67 Dhs. Which is good value for the quantity.

The Place:     3 / 10
The Service:   3 / 10
The Food:    5.5 / 10

Overall: 3.8 / 10

I’d recommend Pizza Hut in general, just in a bigger and more Dine-In focused branch.

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