Chin Chin – Chinese Restaurant

25 May

I have always been a fan of Chin Chin’s Chinese food. I was a regular customer of the branch near Al Deyafah street but there has always been something unusual about Chin Chin. They have branches around Dubai that have no relation with each other, the Dubai Marina Branch has nothing to do with the Al Deyafah branch. The Marina Branch which made different branches have different tastes, prices and serivce..

Recently though, Chin Chin opened in Al Barsha! and the confusion began…
As it turns out it was part of the second franchise (The Dubai Marina one) but the food tasted as good as the Al Deyafah one, and so the eating began!

Yesterday I ordered me some Chin Chin for lunch!

So first up, the delivery was fairly quick (but then again I am very close). They put the soup in an individual bag. What I did not like about their packaging is that they have stapled everything! even the soup bag is all stapled. (So be careful!) They might need to re-think their delivery packaging.

So, the food! I ordered a Shezwan Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Manchurian Sauce, and a Chicken Corn Soup.

The overall food packaging was simplistic, clean, and neat. No paper packaging or aluminium foiling. The plastics are Microwave friendly too. This might come in handy because unless you are extremely hungry, the sauce will definitely not finish, and most often, neither will the rice as it is good for 2. Experiencing various deliveries and having things dripping or loose, the packaging by Chin Chin is very good.

What was required in the delivery was proper utensils. They only provided chop sticks. I have ordered from them before and it was the same, apparently they do not delivery utensils. So, chop sticks aside, I got my own spoon and dug in!

The Soup: Delicious. Simple, straight forward, nothing fancy (Ironically their slogan) or out of the ordinary. It was just right in taste, texture and temperature. I mixed in a little vinegar sauce and soy sauce and it was among one of the nicest tasting Chicken Corn Soups out there from Chinese Fast Food.

The Rice: The spices were sufficient, and the shezwan part of the rice was evident making it all spicy. The taste was good, there are a few vegetables that need to be cooked a little more. I had to crunch a few things every once in a while (Has happened before too), but the rice and protein in it were good.

The Sauce: It was thick and well cooked. Also among one of the best Manchurian sauces I have tried from Chinese Fast Food. My only issue is some pieces of chicken had a little fat and/or a little skin. Nothing tasted or smelled wrong, it tasted good actually.


1 Soup, 1 Rice Dish, and 1 Sauce Dish was 59 Dhs which is very fair, especially since the food is really filling for 1 person and could easily be sufficient for 2, and there is no delivery charge as well!

The Packaging: 6 / 10
The Food:         6 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10

I’d recommend this place to deliver.


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2 responses to “Chin Chin – Chinese Restaurant

  1. Liam

    June 2, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    Just to tell you fact, my family and I are old customers of theirs, the original Chin Chin is the diyafa road(satwa) one and mirdiff and sharjah. apparently the guy who owns the motor city & marina and all the other so called chin chins has foolishly copied the enitire brand, and claimed it as his own. Even though they are a trademarked brand. The original guys take pride in their food, the other guys just a ponzi scheme.

  2. internem

    June 2, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    As far as I heard on this topic, they are both franchising the brand in the same country. The Al Deyafa/Mirdiff/Sharjah was the first to launch the brand for sure. Whether the other branches are local copies or another franchise I do not know.

    What really does matter in the end to me, is the standard and taste of food. They still haven’t reached the standard and taste of the Al Deyafa branch, but the Barsha One is good 🙂


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