Reem Al Bawadi – Lebanese classics

Reem Al Bawadi is one of the oldest Lebanese restaurants in Dubai, and if you’ve lived here for a while, you would have at least seen it a few times moving around town.

Over the past few visits to various branches, I have had several different experiences, and this visit is an excellent opportunity to give Reem Al Bawadi a good memory-refresh. Let’s go!

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The Coffee Club – A lot more than just Coffee!

I have often heard about The Coffee Club and how relaxed and homely it’s ambiance is, so when I got the opportunity to drop by, I could not turn it down!

The Coffee Club is an Austrailian chain of coffee-house style cafes and now has 5 branches across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For this quick visit, I stopped by the branch in Wasl Vista Mall, Dubai.

Walking in, I was greeted by the lovely staff and welcomed to quite a warm, brown, calm looking cafe.

Images have been taken from Zomato, where you can find more images published by The Coffee Club and visitors.

The cafe has multiple seating options ranging from comfy couches, regular tables to booths. I was offered to sit where ever I felt like, even though the place was quite packed on a weekend morning. I went to a booth, which looked super comfortable. It was.

Their menu is quite big, with foods good for the entire day whether breakfast, brunch, sandwiches, burgers, mains, and desserts! You can find their whole menu online here.

Being that it was still early, I started things off with a nice breakfast and then a little naughty stop by the desserts sneakily sitting under “brunch”.

While the food was being prepared, I had ordered a Cappuccino, which was quite delicious. I later ordered myself a plain black coffee and can say that they have very good quality coffee.

Shortly after my coffee, breakfast was served!

This beauty is their Cheesy Scrambled Eggs, which is toasted ciabatta bread topped with cheesy scrambled eggs and beef chorizo.

To start off, the toasted bread had just the right amount of crunch to chew ratio, which may sound a little too techie, but is true! and the eggs were incredible. I ordered them medium, which was extremely soft, fluffy and not runny. The beef chorizo added that little meaty bite to the eggs and was just the right mix of flavors.

The scrambled eggs were delicious, and although cheesy, was not overpowering the main ingredient, the eggs.

The added sundried tomatoes provided a little extra juiciness when needed. The dish was served ready to eat, warm and eggs steaming missing a little salt and a lot of appetites to fill.

After the delicious eggs (and sufficient break), I decided to take things a little further and during my wait, the servers were extremely happy I had enjoyed my eggs and recommended I try one of their pancakes, and Red Velvet if I am a fan of it. I was, and I did.

This gorgeousness is described as follows in the menu:

Classic red velvet pancakes with raspberry infused mascarpone sauce, raspberry puree, and crushed pistachio nuts.

I really liked these pancakes but felt I was missing something, not sure what it was though.

The mascarpone sauce was delicious, thick and complimented the pancakes a lot and it is not like it wasn’t soft or anything, but I wished there was something to soften the bites even more.

That being said, it was lovely and I enjoyed every bite of it. The pistachio nuts did give it a nice nutty flavor as well, which was very well received.

At this point, I wasn’t just done for breakfast, but done for the day. The team did not let me go without a milkshake to end the day on a sweet high.

Introducing their Caramel Milkshake!

This amazing little drink has the milkshake in the jar, whipped cream on top, caramel popcorn and everything covered in heaps of caramel sauce – sugar overload!

It was delicious!! I would recommend mixing the caramel up with the milkshake as it did lack the sweetness without mixing it up. The popcorn was just a little extra fat-boy delight. They have Chocolate, Strawberry and Caramel Milkshakes in this mad form.

Overall, the experience at The Coffee Club was very pleasant. The staff were friendly, had a smile on their face and always excited to answer questions or take an order. The place was pretty packed at the time of this review, but the staff managed the traffic quite well.

Their overall menu is quite extensive and it would be hard to entirely judge the place’s food based on two dishes, but what I tried were very promising. The Eggs were lovely and prepared to perfection, and the Pancakes were yummy and fun. To top it off, the milkshake was incredibly thick, delicious and sweet.

The Place:   6.5 / 10
The Service: 7 / 10
The Food:    7 / 10

Overall: 6.7 / 10

The Coffee Club is certainly a place you must try if you’re in Jumeirah and need a nice place to chill with friends, read or get some work done, while enjoying some good food and coffee.

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Mahec – Fine Dining meets Indian Cuisine

I will admit that it is not the first time that I’ve seen Indian cuisine in a fine dining setting but I have heard a few good things about Mahec, and I had even followed them on Instagram. It was only a matter of time before I gave them a visit.

Located in the heart of old Dubai, Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre is the perfect spot for a place like Mahec, it’s close to both Deira and Bur Dubai and is a part of the hotel which means they serve Alcohol too.

Being a part of the hotel means that they have the ability to spread their wings in the fine dining department and they do it very well. The place is elegant, warm, and cosy. There is a good blend of dark woods, calm lighting and comfortable furniture. The only thing that probably did not fit the luxurious ambience was the Cricket playing on TV.


Although the dining room looked fresh, there were signs outside the dining room that showed age. Perhaps a refresh is due soon, but I am just being picky.

We were greeted and welcomed by the staff who were always smiling and happy to serve. We were welcomed by the Head Chef who did a good job introducing some of his favourite dishes and told us that he’d set up a set menu for us to try as many things off Mahec’s menu as possible.

Their menu is quite impressive with a wide variety of dishes ranging from some traditional North Indian dishes to the common Indian dishes we all hear, order and love at any Indian restaurant.

To start things off, we were presented with the Indian restaurant equivalent of a bread basket.


Assorted flavours to get the palette rolling served with crackers and poppadoms. The poppadoms were great, standard but great, while the crackers were a little spongy compared to being cracker-like, perhaps a day old. The sauces, if you can call them sauces, were fresh and my favourite would definitely be the mango chutney.

Before jumping into the actual starters, we were presented with a bite-sized…. starter.


This is where I am going to raise the white flag and fail as a food blogger. I have absolutely no clue what we ate and drank. I will, though, try.

The drink was primarily a cleanser made from herbs and black pepper. I would have loved to get the ingredients but it was a secret recipe. As for the hors d’oeuvre, another secret recipe but it was a combination of curry flavours, cream, cheese on a nice cracker. I will try to get more on this to share with you all.

Overall, I did not really fancy the drink, although the hors d’oeuvre was delicious and certainly an explosion of flavour!

Now that we got the welcoming, greeting and hor d’oeuvres out of the way, it was time for some serious Indian cuisine.


Oh yes! A platter of beautiful, shiny and delicious looking grills just waiting to melt in your mouth. Sounds like a cliche, but honestly, it is the truth. Ordinarily, these would each be a dish of their own, but since we wanted to try as much as we could, they served us a sample platter.

Starting from this end, we begin with the Gosht Ki Pasliyaan which is a delicately flavoured and cooked lamb chop in a clay oven. Unfortunately for them, their menu description does not do justice to the flavours in these lamb chops. They were extremely succulent, oozing with spices and were just delicious. Could easily but once of the nicest.

Next up is their Achaari Jhinga, Char-grilled prawns marinated in pickled yoghurt. It was really nice, although the flavours could not beat the flavours of the lamb chop. The grill on the prawns was perfect. I would so not be disappointed if I had tried this only.


Going around to the other side, we find a vegetarian option. I will be honest, I am not a huge vegetarian fan, but I could have eaten a platter of this, no regrets!

So what is it? It is their Paneer Asparagus Roll, thin slices of cottage cheese rolled with spiced potatoes and asparagus, cooked in a clay oven. It started to be evident that either the chef knew what he was doing or this clay oven was magical because the flavours coming out of there were incredible. The roll was soft, but held together quite well, well spiced (might be a lot of some people) and just melted in your mouth.

Finally, we come to the traditional Murg Tikka, boneless diced chicken marinated with yoghurt and red chilis, again cooked in a clay oven. Needless to say, it was delicious. I might criticise it to say that the chicken was a little too soft, I like my chicken to be held together a little bit more, and maybe fewer spices. There was a very evident layer of thick spices which might be much for some. I personally liked it but could have easily loved it.

Since we had basically a flavour explosion, it wouldn’t make sense to just add more spices to it, so they served this.


A lemon and rose sorbet. The flower is edible and they seem to like serving edible roses at Mahec. It was alright, I wouldn’t purposely order this but it was cold, fresh and definitely cleansed the palette for what’s to come!


And here it is! An assortment of Mahec’s signature dishes served with a variety of fresh bread.


Let’s get into it then..

The center of attention was the Lamb Biryani, which was a beautiful blend of fresh spices, lamb pieces and basmati rice. Served with fresh Pudina Tamatar Raita – diced tomato and mint in sweetened yoghurt – which definitely helps bring any spice levels down a bit.


From the left, we had a Prawn curry, cooked in coconut and tamarind spicy gravy with dry red chilies, which was delicious. A little too coconutty for me personally but had a nice flavour. It was only the beginning of a taste explosion.

Next up, was a beautiful lamb dish which was their Kadai Gosht (I believe it was this one, they are pretty similar) which is a spicy tangy gravy of onion, garlic, tomatoes and coriander seeds, dry red chilies, black peppercorn and cumin seeds. The overall flavour was very incredible and the meat was cooked really nice and tender. Definitely a dish I would order on its own with some bread or rice.


After that we got into the two favourites of mine, the Murg Makhanwala (Butter Chicken) which was extremely rich, buttery and fully of amazing flavor served with chicken which was succulent and cooked perfectly and the Dal Makhani, whole black lentil and red kidney beans simmered overnight with traditional spices, flavoured with butter and fresh cream.

This was another vegetarian dish that actually left me thinking, huh, I don’t really need to order meat or chicken! I would totally have this on its down, very rich, creamy, full of delicious lentil flavours, cooked perfectly.

And just when we gave up and couldn’t eat any more of this delicious food, they served dessert!


It started off with a Pistachio ice cream served with a sugar hay – very creamy and light – probably was my favourite dessert


Then we experienced their Chocolate Surprise, which was actually quite a surprise! Not because of the whole sauce melting the chocolate ball, since it’s way too over-done, but because the flavours were a bit odd to me. The sauce was a pineapple and star anise sauce, which was a little too tangy for my liking and the filling was thaudai foam, which had a light caramel or custard texture to it. I personally would skip this, the mix of the sweetness with the tanginess did not work for me.


Last up was their Bombay Pudding, which is their own creation of walnut brownie, gulab jamun layered with cardamon flavoured milk custard. At first, I thought it would be just straight forward and boring, but it actually had a nice flavour to it and was light. I liked this.

Overall, it was a lovely experience at Mahec. The staff was nice, well informed, helpful and there was plenty of staff covering the dining room for when any request was to be made. Their menu is varied and full of delicious dishes, serving almost all tastes and spice demands. The place itself is also quite a delight to be in and I could tell why it is a popular spot for Indian fine dining cuisine. Some of their dishes weren’t just good, they were exceptional and I would definitely come back again for those!

The Place:   6.5 / 10
The Service: 7 / 10
The Food:    7.5 / 10

Overall: 7 / 10

If you’re bored of the traditional Indian places, primarily the ones at malls, Mahec is a great alternative for a lovely evening of fine dining with Indian cuisine in a great ambience.

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Mezza House – Where better to get some Mezza?

Mezza House is one of the oldest restaurants in Downtown Dubai and are famous for their wide variety of Lebanese food and especially Mezzas.

That’s not all though, Mezza house has a beautiful interior, great food, shisha and even outdoor seating with a view of Burj Khalifa, when the weather is good.

When they invited me over, it was a great opportunity to see if Mezza House still has the flare it once did.

Mezza House - Interior - 5

The interior of Mezza House is a very special place, full of turquoise, golds and wood making it a very calming place to be. They have Arabic music playing and a lovely ambiance for lunch, dinner or just lounging.

Here are some more pictures of the interior:

Mezza House - Interior - 2 Mezza House - Interior - 3
Mezza House - Interior - 1 Mezza House - Interior - 4

The staff at Mezza house are a mixed bag, there are some members of the team who are super nice, some causal and some too busy to focus on anything other than what’s on their plate. Some servers were happy to serve, while others just did their job.

We were welcomed by the front desk and were offered any table we felt like. Once we picked a place they handed us their extensive menu.

Mezza House - Table Setting

Their table setting is pretty simple, a turquoise mat and some simple yet old fashioned cutlery. There is always plenty of copper and metal at Mezza House.

Mezza House - Menu

The menu at Mezza house is huge. The selection of Mezzas fill about 4 pages, with plenty of main courses, salads, grills, sea-food, traditional dishes and much more! I like concise menus as I feel the restaurant has a speciality, and the same happened here, I couldn’t tell what they specialize in due to the sheer size of this menu.

We started off with a few Mezzas to try out some classics.

Mezza House - Tabbouleh, Vine Leaves & Fatoush

We started off with these three, their Fattoush, Tabbouleh and Vine Leaves.

Their Fattoush (on the top right) was exceptional. Nice cuts of vegetables, topped with crisp bread rolls and tossed with pomegranate sauce and vinaigrette. Lovely flavors, crunch and crisp, all in one.

The Vine Leaves were delicious, although a little too creamy, it was served cold and had a lot of juiciness to it. They serve 5 pieces in there, topped with cream, pomegranate and pomegranate sauce.

Mezza House - Tabbouleh

The Tabbouleh was pretty standard, finely cut greens and tomatoes with lemon juice and olive oil – nice but ordinary.

We also selected another appetizer platter which they had recommended, the Kibbeh Platter. This is one of the times where we wished the service was just a little bit better. We wanted to know what each item was, but we had to figure it out ourselves.

Mezza House - Kebbeh Platter

The platter had 4 different types of Kibbeh:

  • Kibbeh Akrass – the conned out Kibbehs stuffed with mince meat and pine nuts. These are probably the most common type of Kibbeh with the coating a little harder than the soft insides. They were delicious and very well cooked.
  • Kibbeh Ruman – Circular Kibbeh with walnuts, onions and pomegranate seeds in the center. These were ordinary tasting, nothing too special. Would skip these as they had a little too much onion compared to the rest.
  • Kibbeh Sajiyeh – The ones on the bottom of the corner pieces. Like Akrass but are flat and fried – they were nice but a little dry. Good flavor though. I would have wished these were served with some Tahini sauce or so.
  • Kibbeh Mabroumeh – These are filled with minced meat, pistachios, onions and cinnamon. Good flavor but I preferred the Akrass overall.

While waiting for two main courses, we moved ahead with another starter/main dish.

Mezza House - Shrimp Platter

This is the Mezza House mixed shrimp platter, which includes three type of shrimp:

  • Battered fried shrimp – probably the nicest one of the three, which has nice flavor, not too much batter and lightly crispy
  • Breaded fried shrimp – very regular tasting shrimp, reminded me of fried shrimp found in most places – decent flavor but a bit bland
  • Pastry thread coated fried shrimp – these were a bit unique, very crispy with decent flavor, but i think the shrimp is a little too exposed while frying, so it was a little dry

Fries were really nice, slightly herbed and was crispy.

Moving on to one of their main traditional dishes, we had the classical Egyptian Vine Leaves with Lamb Chops

Mezza House - Mahshi with Lamb Chops

These are very typical Egyptian, and being half Egyptian, they had to nail this to get some plus points!

First of all, the Vine Leaves were alright. The stuffing (cooked rice, herbs and vegetables) was very little compared to the amount of Vine Leaves, and they were all unified, which means they used a rolling machine rather than done manually. I completely understand this is a restaurant and turn around time is important but maybe use less leaves in the roll.

The Chops were very well marinated in the cooking process but were dry.

The bonus that came along with the dish is two pieces of Marrow stuffed with the same Vine Leaves stuffing. I call it a bonus because aside from the Vine Leaves and Chops, the Marrow was the most delicious part of the dish! The Marrow was soft and juicy and the stuffing was soft and well prepared.

I would order a dish of the Marrow if it was an option the next time I eat at Mezza House!

And now for the main dish of the day, the classic Mezza House Mixed-Grill Platter

Mezza House - Mix Grill Platter

Lets talk about whats in it and then break it down, shall we? You get a skewer of beef cubes, chicken cubes, kebab, lamb chop and an arayes (a grilled sandwich of minced meat in bread)

This was actually the most phenomenal thing we have eaten at Mezza House! The beef cubes were extremely succulent, exploding with flavor, the chicken cubes were marinated from here to the moon and delicious beyond belief, the kebab were nice along with the lamb chops – typical grilled marinated meats, and the arayes was crispy, well marinated and yummy.

Definitely my Mezza House recommendation.

Overall, Mezza House offers a great Levant dining experience in the heart of Downtown Dubai, with a wide variety of lovely dishes, fantastic interiors and even nice music. The menu is huge so you’re spoilt for choice, which may not be a good thing, but they have key menu items that are certainly outstanding. I, without a doubt, would suggest sticking to core best sellers of salads, mezzas and grills for a dining experience you will not forget.

The service: This is one where I have my concerns, there are a lot of staff but they are always up to something or the other and are not freely available to serve. At the beginning we were served very quickly and then as the place got packed, they were all running around making things happen. We had to wait to be served a few times, regardless of the number of servers around. Once you get their attention, they do their best, but asking three times for once request was excessive.

The value: With a menu this size, you can go in have a few salads or a proper meal, and you’d be satisfied either way. Mezza House would have a check average of about AED130 per person if you’re to go for a mezza, starter, main course and drink.

The Place:   7 / 10
The Service: 5.5 / 10
The Food:    7 / 10

Overall: 6.3 / 10

A great place with lovely food with key exceptional dishes, lovely ambiance and dining space, just be patient with the service. I would definitely recommend Mezza House if you’re up for some Arabic food in Downtown Dubai

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Doner Deli – Another one?!

The popularity of Doner Kebab (Or shawerma where we are from) has undeniably grown over the past few years and has given us an alternative to our typical go-to easy and quick food.

I have tried several Doner places and to be absolutely honest, they have all been “ok”. Some too oily, bland, or cut costs by maintaining a salad to meat ratio of 80:20. I heard about Doner Deli and thought of giving it a shot.

Doner Deli - Main Entrance

They have a handful of locations around Dubai and the Al Barsha branch had just opened and was around the corner. Perfect The place is cool with simple decor, and a mix of dark and lightly colored areas. I am not a fan of the plastic colorful tables and chairs as they remind me of cafeterias, but for a quick bite they are alright.

Doner Deli - Sign Board

As we walked in the staff were super polite, greeted us and offered us any table we’d like with a lovely cheerful attitude. While at the counter, the kitchen is actually visible, so one can see the sandwiches being prepared.

Doner Deli - Menu

The menu couldn’t be more straight forward. They serve Doner sandwiches, Doner boxes and Doner salads, with the option to opt for meals. They also have a few kids meal options, side dishes, desserts and interesting beverages but as far as food goes, they do one thing, Doner.

It was time to see if this specialty came out of experience and good food, or just blabber. Lets go!

Doner Deli - Gourmet Doner Sandwich Mix

To start things off, the classic Doner had to be the one to go for. The Doner Sandwich above had vegetables and a mixture of veal and chicken kebab with a mixture of sauces served in an open German pita bread. This was their signature sandwich.


It was pretty good. I would be lying if I would say it was significantly better or different than other Doner places, but there was one thing we all said, at about the same time; Doner Deli seemed cleaner, and the sandwiches looked, felt and tasted like it had a lot less grease, fat and oil than its competitors. Great start!

As always, the sandwich is a little hard to maneuver but one gets the hang of it right away. I also tried their passion fruit smoothie, was was pretty decent although did not have a strong passion fruit taste. I think the ratio of ingredients overpowered the passion fruit.

Doner Deli - Gourmet Doner Sandwich Cover

This is a very similar Doner sandwich with just chicken. Similar flavor but actually turned out to be a little nicer to my liking. Again, that part is subjective to people liking one flavor over the other but the sandwich itself was juicy, crunchy, with a good balance of sauce, salad and meats. Yumm.

Doner Deli - Gourmet Doner Sandwich Flat Bread

The other type of sandwich is their flat bread, which is served in a roll. It does not look as visually appealing and appetizing as the original German pita bread. Ingredients remain the same, and was a little lighter on the bread.

The only issue I had was, it looked unappealing and it was served as lazy fast food. The sandwich was clearly wrapped and then sliced with the wrapper. Not to sure how I feel about that. Pita for me please.

Doner Deli - Doner Box Chicken With Sauces

Now that the sandwiches were out of the way, and we basically got a taste of the salad anyways in our sandwiches, it was time to try their Doner box. Offered in meat + fries or meat + rice (which is a different option in a Doner place) we opted to try the Chicken with Rice box. Sauces provided on the side but more on those soon.

Here, we really got to taste the raw side of the Doner Kebab. The chicken strips were popping with flavor and we got to experience the different sauces individually. Unfortunately the rice (it has peas in it too) made us wish we went with fries instead as it was extremely bland, like I literally wouldn’t know if it was rice without looking at it. I really hope they turn that around because Doner and Rice could be a great box!

Doner Deli - Herb Yoghurt, Spiced Tomato and Garlic Sauce

Alongside the Doner box, they served the three signature sauces, which were garlic, herb yoghurt and spiced tomato. All put together gives a Doner incredible flavor but even individually they are all very nice. The Garlic was light, not too overpowering and quite creamy, the herb yoghurt was typical as the name suggests but the spiced tomato was very nice. It actually was full of flavor, a little spice and just the right consistency.

Doner Deli - Caramel Apple TartDoner Deli - Cheese Cake

We also gave their dessert a try, but unfortunately they were mediocre. Could have passed as store bought, so not much to say there except they were nice but ordinary, supermarket slices nice.

Overall, definitely a mixed bag of feelings. The overall place is nice, the staff are polite and the menu is fairly simple. Their signature Doner sandwich is one of the best Doner sandwiches I have tried compared to rivals, but everything else on the menu had a small “but” to it.

I enjoyed the Doner sandwich but hard to say I enjoyed much else. I think they need to work on improving the small little things that affect the overall experience, and once they do that, they could easily be the best Doner place out there.

The service: Pretty straight forward quick restaurant style so there is not much interaction going on with the servers. When we reached the place was nearly empty so the service was quick, easy but I doubt the service can be of any lower standards as it is all about preparing and serving sandwiches. There were times where the server was not a 100% sure about a thing or two off the menu, she must have been new.

The value: Again, they are doing it right by setting their price point around or better than some of their competitors. I would say a full on meal, smoothie and a dessert would average around AED60, which is the general Doner average.

The Place:   6 / 10
The Service: 5.5 / 10
The Food:    5.5 / 10

Overall: 5.7 / 10

It is hard to place a conclusion for Doner Deli.. If you want to experience more than just a Doner sandwich and have dessert, I wouldn’t recommend them but if you are in a hurry or just want a Doner sandwich itself, you should give them a try.

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Famous Dave’s – The Legendary Pit BBQ now in Abu Dhabi!

If you love proper smokey BBQ, there is only a handful of places that does it right. I got invited to Famous Dave’s new location in Abu Dhabi for a full review and what an experience it was!

They have a wide variety of starters and main courses that could satisfy the most picky customer. I was hungry, haven’t had a decent BBQ in a while and the timing was perfect.

We arrived at Abu Dhabi Mall and could easily find the gorgeous, rustic looking restaurant and couldn’t wait to get in. The staff were extremely excited and energetic, but the restaurant manager was exceptional. He literally, could be Dave himself. We checked, he wasn’t.

Famous Dave's - Main Entrance Famous Dave's - Interior Shot 3 Famous Dave's - Interior Shot 1 Famous Dave's - Interior Shot 2

The interior was nice but it was a mixed bag of design and ambiance. Plenty of seating options in a variety of lighting conditions. We particularly liked the section with the large windows and outdoors-like lighting.

The manager had come by introduced us to Famous Dave’s told us about the background of the true smokey BBQ style, iconic flavors, signature sauces and recommended dishes for us. He was extremely well informed about the brand and the menu. What a great guy!

He brought us the menu while he went ahead to bring us samples of their signature sauces.

Famous Dave's - Menu Famous Dave's - Menu Back

We were seriously lost, but in a good way. We wanted to try everything, but guess what? They have a feast for that! But with a range of steaks, ribs, combos, appetizers, burgers and salads, the feast could barely keep up.

Famous Dave's - Table Placement & Sauces

Typical table settings at Famous Dave’s is a bucket and a tray of sauces. I was wondering if the bucket was the typical “Here’s a serving of peanuts while you wait” or if there was more to it. There was.

They have several signature sauces and we couldn’t wait to try them out and within a few minutes he had arrived with a serving of chips for the sauces.

Famous Dave's - Sauce Taster

Basically, they have a range of lovely sauces from sweet & zesty (children friendly), standard barbecue, and the more spicy Devil’s spit. It turns out they have another sauce they do not bring out except to order, Dave’s Revenge. I mean, how could we not try that?!

It was very spicy, and would burn your taste buds. So, great to try but if I wanted to enjoy the food, I had to stay clear.. for now.

Famous Dave's - Traditional Wings

We started off with their traditional wings with the Texas pit sauce, which was their signature barbecue sauce with a slight kick to it.

The wings were cooked very well, with a nice smokey flavor to it. It was served with celery, carrots and blue-cheese dip. Lovely flavors there, which was a great start of our experience.

Famous Dave's - Burnt Ends

We also tried another recommended appetizer, their Burnt Ends. These are tender pieces of Texas beef brisket seared and caramelized with their sweet and zesty barbecue sauce. Mouth watered yet? It was definitely delicious. The beef was a bit chewy and charred just right, while the sauce made it all come together perfectly.

The sides were crispy onion and pickles, which had a slight sweetness to them. We really enjoyed this appetizer and just made us really hungry.

Since we wanted to try out as much of the menu as we could, we got a feast that was upgraded with a few additional meats.

Famous Dave's - All American BBQ Feast Angle

Just look at that picture! Where does one begin?

Let’s start with the boring stuff. There was a side of corn, potato wedges and biscuits. They were nice and the biscuit was a bit sweet, which was all very nice but we couldn’t focus on those longer than 2 seconds.

They love their beef, and it shows. The middle of the feast had three more sides; down-n-dirty rice, which had an interesting flavor to it and had some beef bits, baked beans which had some beef bits and fortunately their creamy coleslaw didn’t have any beef.

Now, let’s get to the meat of it.

We had two types of ribs, the beef back ribs and lamb ribs. These were really delicious. Surely very fatty but the smokiness was spot on, the cook was just perfect and the flavors (coupled with the sauces) made them just right. One of the best ribs I have had from a casual american restaurant.

Famous Dave's - All American BBQ Feast Top

Moving on to the roasted chicken, it was nice, but nothing to should about. They are all about the beef. It was cooked well and were juicy.

Two more things left! The brisket was really special and definitely a great continuation of our appetizers. The brisket was very smokey and full of flavor, I was actually sad we had only 4 slices. Final thing on the feast was the sliced leg of lamb, which was tender and juicy but lacking a little of flavor for me personally. Perhaps I was spoilt by all the ribs!

It was only after all the meats that we came to appreciate the sides. They were quite nice but nothing really stood out more than the beans. The rice was nice but slightly bland, could do with more seasoning, and the coleslaw was fresh but had a weird flavor to it, not sure what they had used to make it taste a bit funny.

If you think that was it.. it wasn’t!

Famous Dave's - Cedar Plank Salmon with Grilled Pineapples and MacAndCheese

The manager insisted we try their cedar plank salmon. It was served on a plank of cedar and not just served, but actually smoked with it, so there was an extremely rich aroma and flavor seeping through to the piece of salmon. It was cooked really well, and had a great flavor to it. I am not the biggest sea-food fan, so I cannot judge it spot on but my friend absolutely loved it.

The sides did not match the dish, but it was just for us to try more sides. You are free to order which ever sides you like at Famous Dave’s. The grilled pineapple was nice and the mac-n-cheese was interesting but slightly bland to me, definitely could use some more seasoning.

At this point, we couldn’t breathe, but I was just too curious about their desserts, because it could be a point where they fall short.

Famous Dave's - Dave's Famous Bread Pudding

Let’s just say, they didn’t fall short. The dessert menu wasn’t mind blowing but they recommended the Famous Dave’s bread pudding.

It was quite nice, soft and with the pecan and praline sauce, it was actually quite a lovely dessert. I particularly liked it because it was not very sweet, almost a savory dessert, which was just fitting with such a meaty meal.

Overall, it was a very good experience at Famous Dave’s. It is a place to go for a very hearty meal, and meat lovers. Keeping in mind that this is a place focused on briskets and ribs, expect to get messy and make good use of that bucket for all the bones. The food is very good, quite on the fatty side but it is expected from this kind of cuisine. The atmosphere, staff, menu and food make it an all-round great restaurant to visit every once in a while for a good change. I don’t think many people can have this kind of food regularly, which is why I think they needed and nailed having variety on their menu.

The service: the staff were all new and excited about serving, although some of them had not fully grasped the menu and there were times when they did not know everything. On the up side, they were always around and happy to help, and we were always no longer than a minute away from being served. The manager was phenomenal and knew this place inside and out! He was the biggest fan of the place, and was extremely friendly and helpful.

The value: It would be hard to sum it all up considering this could vary hugely depending on what is ordered, but overall, I would say it is around the average of this american style restaurant with a check average of around 120 AED.

The Place:   6.5 / 10
The Service: 6.5 / 10
The Food:    7 / 10

Overall: 6.7 / 10

I would recommend giving Famous Dave’s a try as a great alternative to the quite typical american restaurant you would find in malls, and especially if you’re a barbecue and ribs fan.

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Zaroob – The hotspot of Lebanese cuisine

Zaroob has secured a spot in Dubai’s nightlife, and people flock over there after their parties and nights out but there has to be a reason, aside from them being simply open for business and I had to find out for myself!

Zaroob offer a wide variety of Lebanese and Arabic dishes with quite an interesting menu including breakfast, snacks, sandwiches, and more.

Upon arriving, they have a welcome stand outside where they welcomed and seated guests. The servers are mainly Arab, are polite and quite hip and happy!

Zaroob - Table Placement

They have quite an interesting theme, full of color, Arabic nostalgia and an industrial feel to things. They like a lot of wood and metal and have implemented this all over the restaurant.

We were brought to a table, outdoors (but shaded) as the weather was quite pleasant and were presented the menu. Their menu is unique as you simply tick on the items you want to order and give it to the server. Of course, he can come and do it for you, but its a Zaroob thing.

The menu revolves around the Lebanese cuisine with Sajs, Manakeeshes, Levant salads, Shawerma and even goes to Egypt by serving traditional Koshari. It was recommended to stay on the Lebanese path though.

After giving in our order, the server asked if we wanted some juice, and we thought that would be a great idea.

Zaroob - Fresh Orange Juice

Fresh orange juice was served in a few minutes and was quite refreshing and served in a very nice jar like mug. More of the Zaroob personality started to appear with every passing plate.

It was fairly early, so it was a good time to start off by some breakfast

Zaroob - Egg and Potato

One thing that caught our eye was the eggs with potato dish, which was conveniently served in the pan it was cooked with (we assume). Lovely flavors, fresh, and the potatoes were cooked just right, soft. There were some herbs on top but needed a little salt and pepper to bring it all out.

Zaroob - Bread Basket

They had brought on this.. a bag full of.. bread bags. A Bag of Bags.. Bag-ception if you will.

Typical Lebanese bread from the nearest bakery.

Moving on from breakfast, we wanted to start off with some appetizers and try out their little bites.

Zaroob - Halloumi Cheese and Falafel

We started things off with their 8-piece Falafel plate (served in a tiny metal bucket) and their Halloumi, which was a server recommendation. The Falafel were quite nice, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, not grainy or gooey as I have seen in some places. It was just right.

They did forget to bring the Tahina sauce with it but when we asked for it, they brought it right away and was quite delicious too. The Falafel were served with some yummy pickles.

The Halloumi was quite nice too, served with some fresh veggies, they were soft and with a slight crisp on the outside and was served quite warm.

Now the time for the main act! We had asked what were the two most popular menu items and they had told us the Garlic Chicken and the Turkey Ham Saj sandwiches. So it was!

Zaroob - Turkey Wrap and Garlic Chicken Wrap

They were both served with a side of french fries, which were actually very nice. lightly seasoned and had good flavor. Ordinary fries, but with a slight Zaroob touch of flavor.

Time for the wraps! They have two types of bread, one a Saj bread and one a Wrapped Manakeesh (thicker bread, used on their open Manakeesh)

Zaroob - Garlic Chicken Wrap

Starting off, we tried the Garlic Chicken, which is a favorite at Zaroob.

Within a few minutes, it made sense why it was a favorite! The wrap was a Saj bread, that was soft, thin, and inside it was quite a mouthful of chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and garlic sauce. Unlike I was expecting, the sauce was quite creamy rather than an over-powering paste. The chicken was cooked just right with good bite that wasn’t dry nor undercooked. It was just right. It was oozing the sauce so it did get a little bit messy, but aside from that, it was a very nice wrap. Definitely recommended for any Zaroob visit.

Zaroob - Turkey Wrap

Next, we went on to the Turkey Ham wrapped in Manakeesh bread.

The flavors were there and it was definitely fresh tasting but it was off-balance. The contents of the Garlic Chicken was quite a mouthful in its Saj bread, but here, there wasn’t enough on the inside to balance out the thicker wrap, so you do feel you have more bread than anything else in every bite.

That aside, the ingredients were all fresh, juicy and delicious. I only wished they had stuffed it a little more, just like the Garlic Chicken. The Bread was really nice too, with a little crunch on the outside and it flakes off as well as you can see in the image above.

We were really stuffed but there was one menu item (among a few) that I really wanted to try out, against all stomach-capacity-concerns.

Zaroob - Fatteh Hummus

This is their Fatteh, which is essentially a Levant dish made from yogurt and toasted bread, which then gets soaked and goes soft. This is served with a selection of ingredients; hummus, lahmeh (meat), or shawerma.

We tried the basic Hummus one to get a taste of it, and although the taste was nice, it had slightly excessive garlic flavor. I would say it was nice but not great. Perhaps the shawerma one would have given it more of a flavor balance since the yogurt, hummus and garlic had nothing to balance out the flavors. I could hardly taste the hummus.

Speaking of shawerma, we also tried their regular Lebanese bread chicken shawerma. Tasted quite nice, quite similar to the Garlic Chicken, but with more shawerma like flavors. I would still suggest their wraps over them.

We were stuffed, so we ordered some Moroccan tea to calm things down.

Zaroob - Moroccan Tea

It was nice, steaming hot and just delicious after such a meal, but it wasn’t over yet, the server insisted we have some dessert!

Zaroob - Nutella Saj with Banana

This is their Nutella Saj with fresh Bananas. It was actually quite nice because the Saj bread itself was quite thin, which meant the balance of Banana to Nutella to bread was just right. We had a few bites but couldn’t finish it. Yummy though.

Overall, it started to all make sense why Zaroob has turned into a hotspot. Yes, they are open till late at night but they also have a nice place to sit, a very rustic and industrial look and feel and they serve good food. The servers are all happy, hip and quite funny too!

The service: It was quite nice. By the time the main dishes arrived, the place was practically packed but there were a lot of servers going around and were all quite busy. We always were able to get the attention of someone or the other within a few minutes when we needed anything and they were always more than happy to assist with a smile. Good service.

The value: Zaroob surprisingly is quite decently priced. Their average wraps are around the mid-twenties and everything on their menu doesn’t fluctuate too much. Definitely an average check price of around 50-60 AED per person or so, which is quite reasonable.

The Place:   7 / 10
The Service: 7 / 10
The Food:    7.5 / 10

Overall: 7.2 / 10

I would really recommend trying out Zaroob if you haven’t already. They have quite a large selection but as everyone keep saying, stick to the general core Zaroob elements, Salads and Wraps for the best experience.

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The Art of Brunch – Mövenpick Hotel Bur Dubai

I have not always been a “brunch” person. I like my meals separate and individual.. or maybe I just like the idea of 3 meals instead of 2.

I recently got an invitation to the soft launching of The Art of Brunch at the Mövenpick Hotel Bur Dubai, and when I went through the presentation, I was surprised at the amount of variety they were offering! Naturally, I had to try this out.

The setting takes place at the Fountain Restaurant, which is at the lobby of the hotel, and once you pass the reception, you will definitely not miss it. There’s food everywhere! Food Heaven!

My experience was definitely a pleasant one, and surely not knowing where to start, I’ll go station by station.

First off, the appetizers in a place I called the Appetizer Kitchen.

The Art Of Brunch - Movenpick Hotel - Appetizer Kitchen 1

I absolutely loved the setting, it literally looked like a Kitchen Island and Kitchen counter prepped to the edges with food.

The Art Of Brunch - Movenpick Hotel - Appetizer Kitchen 2

The Art Of Brunch - Movenpick Hotel - Appetizer Kitchen 3

The Island had an awesome variety of appetizers from many cuisines ranging from Arabic, French to Italian. I had tried at least 6 – 8 different appetizers and they were all delicious and definitely oozed freshness in every bite. I specifically liked their selection of Bruchetta and Arabic salads.

The Art Of Brunch - Movenpick Hotel - Appetizer Kitchen 4

The Kitchen counters were where they stocked their breads and sliced meats. They looked nice and although I tasted a few, they were typical and I enjoyed the salads quite a lot more!

Moving over to the other side of the counter, there were some prepared dishes and the Fountain Restaurant had a few stations filled with International Cuisines from Mediterranean, General International Mixes and Indian.

The Art Of Brunch - Movenpick Hotel - International Selections 1

Here we had some Moroccan prepared Tajins, Kebbe and more. I liked how everything was not just placed there for consumption but there are bags of beans, some cook books, etc. They really got the ambiance down just right!

The Art Of Brunch - Movenpick Hotel - International Selections 2

Moving out of the “Kitchen” there was a station with a variety of Pork options ranging from Roasted, Dried, Sausages and quite a lot more followed by some Indian dishes. Of course, as with before, there was a variety of breads, spices and starter sauces.

Before we could start jumping in, we were seated and offered complimentary champagne and the set menu..

The Art Of Brunch - Movenpick Hotel - Complimentary Champagne

The Art Of Brunch - Movenpick Hotel - Set Menu

What? A menu? With all of this food? Well.. Apparently, Yes!

We went ahead with the seafood platter but substituted everything with Shrimp. To be honest, me and my guest love Shrimp and we saw some other people have it and it looked absolutely stunning. So we ordered 2, and then another 2! These people are generous!

Back to station hopping, there is a lot more to show you guys.

The Art Of Brunch - Movenpick Hotel - Sushi & Sashimi Station

If you’re into seafood, there is no shortage of that here, there is an exquisite Sushi and Sashimi station.

The Art Of Brunch - Movenpick Hotel - Sushi & Sashimi Station 2

The staff are incredibly friendly and more than happy to explain every single detail

Not enough seafood?

The Art Of Brunch - Movenpick Hotel - Fresh Oyster Station

There is even an Oyster Bar and a Prawn & Mussel station too.

The Art Of Brunch - Movenpick Hotel - Street Food Station

This is another unique station – The Street Food Station, where they create stir-fry mixes to your liking with beef or chicken. We tried a mix of beef and chicken and although spicy, it was a tad too greasy.

Okay enough food!

The Art Of Brunch - Movenpick Hotel - Ice Cream & Crepe

Time for dessert! They had a beautiful selection of Movenpick Ice Cream and a Crepe station.

The Art Of Brunch - Movenpick Hotel - Dessert

And the widest selection of desserts I’ve ever seen at a buffet!

The Movenpick has definitely got a winner with The Art of Brunch, and I have certainly not seen anything with this variety before, I don’t even understand how they can make this much food, but what I do know is they had some beautiful dishes, brilliant appetizers and I would definitely recommend anyone to try The Art of Brunch.

I don’t often give out pricing, but the deal is so good, I had to! Prices start at AED 195 with soft drinks and AED 295 with house beverages. Both packages come with access to all these incredible stations, helpful and informed chefs and happy staff to assist you. Awesomeness!

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Circle Cafe – Best Chicken In Town!

Circle cafe is commonly known in Media City for being a nice restaurant with calming ambiance serving fresh and healthy food from an interesting menu. I had tried their food and juices a few times, but never written a full-on review.

Fortunately though, they had opened a new branch in Jumeirah, Beach Park Plaza and it was about time I reviewed them!

Circle Cafe - Interior Shot

Circle cafe is such a warm place to be. A lot of warm looking colors, beautiful simplicity in every corner and feels like a modern comfort hub.

I really like their decoration and furniture as they are really pleasing to the eye.

Circle Cafe - Interior Shot - Tables

The Jumeirah Beach Park Plaza branch has plenty seating options all the way from outdoors (which is essentially in the mall) to comfortable warm seating inside, it is quite medium sized branch.

Walking in, we were welcomed by the staff as the location wasn’t really busy so we caught everyone’s attention and were offered to sit anywhere we felt like. Thinking outdoor would have been a nice change, we picked a table overlooking the mall.

Circle Cafe - Newspaper Menu

As soon as we settled on a table, we were presented with a Newspaper called Circle Times. This is actually their menu, but there is a classical element to Circle Cafe, and this Newspaper menu was just right!

Circle Cafe - Menu

Their menu is quite large (The above image was left high resolution to see their entire menu) with a broad range of healthy options ranging from starters, salads to main courses from all over the world.

The waiter was extremely helpful and had quite a lot of suggestions for us to try, and since I am writing this after the experience, he did not disappoint.

We did have quite a feast at Circle cafe, which is what makes this review a good mix of their menu, but for starters, great experience just visiting here.

We started things off with two small bites (Appetizers):

Circle Cafe - French Fries

Their french fries were pretty straight forward. I was hoping to see something different here, but they were regular fries and were fried well. Nothing special and nothing disappointing. This was served with some Ketchup on the side.

That was probably the least interesting thing in this review. Moving forward, I have a lot to say!

Circle Cafe - Pumpkin, Beetroot and Green Pepper Hummus Trio

This is another special small bite at Circle Cafe called “Pumpkin, Beetroot & Green Pepper Hummus Trio” which came served with basically baked slides of bagels with herbs. This was quite delicious actually and just the right starter for our meal!

The Pumpkin, Beetroot and Green Pepper Hummus was delicious, creamy and light flavored. It was just right. The baked bread did get everywhere and was a bit of a mess, but a delicious one.

Before jumping on to the main courses, we tried one of their bagel sandwiches.

Circle Cafe - Grilled Chicken Salad With Quinoa Tabbouleh

This is their, recommended, Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Quinoa Tabbouleh on the side.

The sandwich has grilled chicken breast, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, mustard and mayo. it tasted very fresh, light and the flavors were perfectly complimenting each other. There is a special thing to this sandwich that made it a unique one.. The chicken!

The chicken we often get in the UAE, frankly, is a bit bland. It is often spiced up and marinated to give it much flavor, but this chicken was a tad more stringy, juicy and actually flavorful by itself. At first I thought this was probably very good marination, but later came to find out, it wasn’t just that.. more on that in a bit!

For now though, that is a very nice sandwich. The quinoa was fresh, and had a little tabbouleh-ness to it, but still was nice.

Lets move on to the mains, shall we?

Circle Cafe - Circle Lamb Kofta With Vegetable Couscous

The first main dish we ventured into was the Circle Lamb Kofta, served with Vegetable Couscous.

This was very nice as well! The kofta was very succulent, marinated well and grilled to a good temperature. It was well done, but hardly dry.

I would have expected some more flavor to it, but it was very nice. It was served with a garlic yogurt sauce on the side, as this is supposed to be an Arabic style dish.

The Vegetable Coucous though was very nice. I had a bit of couscous before, but never really liked them. This was very nice, soft, full of flavor and the vegetables were very nicely cooked. It did feel a bit like it was home-cooked.

Circle Cafe - Flattened Chicken

The star of the show for me would definitely be their Flattened Chicken. This was served with spiced sweet potato fries, thousand island and peri-peri sauce.

The fries were delicious, very well fried and full of flavor. Definitely better than the regular fries and the herbs on top gave it more flavor too.

The chicken was incredible! The grilling was perfect, the flavors were spot on (as mentioned before) and the peri-peri sauce was actually very spicy, just the way I like it!

I was still very curious about the chicken, and when I asked the waiter, I found out that the chicken is actually brought in from Brazil, which is why it distinctively tasted different than local chicken. Without a doubt, this chicken is worth trying.

We were absolutely stuffed but the waiter insisted we try a dessert, so we did..

Circle Cafe - Four Layer Cake

This is their Four Layer Cake, essentially four layers of chocolate cake. It was actually quite nice, thick and quite chocolate-filled but did not have anything special except that it felt like it was, again, home-made.

Lets face it, home-made food is delicious, but doesn’t necessarily blow your mind. I was still happy with this.

Overall, this was a very good dining experience. The place was just beautiful, the staff were very friendly, the menu was unique, fresh and healthy and the food was very appetizing and unique.

The service: It was brilliant. The staff were always smiling and helpful, we had a lot of questions and requests which were all catered for with a smile and when we had questions that the waiter did not know, he was more than happy to go find out. Overall, I could not complain about the service and they were always very quick to come, listen and serve.

The value: Circle cafe is known to be slightly pricer than average, but when you think about the lovely ambiance, location, staff, menu and quality of food, I think the place is quite reasonable. I would definitely pay as much and more for that Brazilian chicken again, that’s for sure!

The Place:   8 / 10
The Service: 8 / 10
The Food:    7.5 / 10

Overall: 7.8 / 10

I’d really recommend this place if you want a great selection of fresh, healthy and delicious dining options. It even gets better, they have a few branches located around Dubai.

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Johnny Rockets – Is their new menu really new?

If there is one thing I dislike, it would be when restaurants I like change their menu. It isn’t fear of change or anything but they tend to lose their edge at times, or remove something that was actually really good. I heard that Johnny Rockets had a new menu and I really needed to check this out!

Johnny Rockets, apparently, is the first Burger place in the UAE (excluding fast food, of course) and only in the past few years started to really come out of its shell and open up in various locations and has gained a lot of popularity. I personally have visited nearly half their branches because I do like their burger and the whole atmosphere, but I will take this on, unbiased!

Johnny Rockets - Coke

I went to the Mall of the Emirates branch for this review.

Walking into the restaurant was typical Johnny Rockets. It looks, feels and sounds like a proper American diner with little Jukeboxes, pop-up straw holder, classic tissue holders, etc

Johnny Rockets - Table Setting

I really like this look and even the booths are in red leather and the counters look like old-school graphite. They have an identity, a style and a theme which I really like.

Walking in, the staff were excited wished and welcomed me as I walked in (Do note, they did not know I was reviewing them, as I like to do) and they showed me to a booth and was presented with their new menu.

Johnny Rockets - New Menu

If you’ve been to Johnny Rockets, the menu doesn’t look like it has changed, right? (The image is a high resolution so you can go through it) and the fact remains that, aside from a new strategy and a couple of new offerings, the menu is the same.. BUT

They have reworked their prices and patty sizes. Let me explain; in the past, their burgers were a bit bigger and costed roughly 36 Dhs on average. Some people found the burgers too big, so with this new work-around strategy, you will pay roughly 29 Dhs for a buger that is a bit smaller, but if you double the patty for 7 Dhs, to roughly 36 Dhs, you’d end up with more meat than you did before. Win Win!

How can you complain about better value for money?

The only concern I had with the location of this Johnny Rockets branch is the noise. It sits exactly where the Mall’s children play area and video games are, which gets a bit noisey. There is also quite a lot of noise from the foodcourt below too, but with a great view.

I ordered quite a few things to see if the change was noticeable and tried a few new menu items too!

Johnny Rockets - Smoke House Burger

To start things off, I went with one of my favorites, their Smoke House burger (single patty) which has; single beef patty, beef bacon, cheddar cheese, and their special Johnny Rockets barbecue ranch sauce.

To my satisfaction, there was no change in taste compared to before, which is a win. As for the taste itself, the burger is very nice. It is a tad on the greasy side, which some people may not like, but the burger is very flavorful, and delicious. There are bits where the beef bacon was a bit hard, but that is expected too. One thing in the burger that is not mentioned in the description is crispy onion rings, which was yummy and crispy. A lovely burger if you like meat with barbecue sauce.

Second on the list, is a new entry, their Garlic Teriyaki Chicken

Johnny Rockets - Garlic Teryaki Chicken

The part that surprised me in this chicken sandwich, and the part which I think is a rare occurrence (As I wouldn’t expect this all the time) is the extended piece of chicken!

The Garlic Chicken Teryaki has a delicious chicken patty, special bulgogi teryaki sauce, deep fried garlic, fresh lettuce and fresh tomatoes.

The chicken was tender, very nice and was juicy. Unfortunately, I did not get enough garlic or teryaki flavors as I would have expected. It was a very nice chicken sandwich, but I expected more flavor to be honest from the sauce department.

For sides, I had two. I started things off with their Jalapeno Poppers, which is a new entry on their menu.

Johnny Rockets - Jalepeno Poppers

In a way, these are the basic Jalapeno Poppers that you’d expect. Crunchy on the outside, filled with cheese and jalapeno, and it had nice flavors but nothing really blew my mind. It wasn’t too spicy or anything. I would say it was averagely nice.

Following the Poppers, I had ordered their Rocket Wings.

Johnny Rockets - Rocket Wings

I did not really enjoy these, which was disappointed as I love Chicken Wings! I ordered half in barbecue sauce and half in traditional buffalo sauce.

Before going into the sauces, the wings were small, and very dry. They were overcooked to my liking.

As for the sauces, the barbecue was nice, although I would have preferred more sauce, and the traditional buffalo sauce was super weird! It was not very spicy but had a very weird chemically kind of taste. It was weird, new to me and slightly strange, and definitely confused me. They may need to revisit the sauces, cooking their wings and amount of sauce they offer.

To accompany all this food, I had ordered their Vanilla Milkshake, as I know their milkshakes are always yum!

Johnny Rockets - Strawberry Milkshake

The flavors of the milkshake was really good and they give you a stainless steel cup which has some more! That was definitely a lot of milkshake, but it was so good! It had Ice cream too (thus the spoon) and was popping with flavor. Definitely delicious and thick!

Overall, the Johnny Rockets experience has not dipped at all. They maintain their amazing staff, good food and their delicious menu entries. Surely there are a few things that need working on, but as long as their burgers remain top-notch as they always have (which was my big concern with their new menu), I am happy!

The service: As expected, they maintained their service levels. Staff are always happy, smiling and serve with a passion. Everytime I would order a drink or so, they’d come over with a smile carrying the straw holder and lift it to pick one up. I was checked up on twice during my visit if I needed anything and the greetings when arriving and leaving are always appreciated.

Service is quick and there is always someone around to assist if needs be. When asked for recommendations they were familiar with the menu and had suggestions with certain orders. The only downfall would be that not all the staff are fully aware of why this new menu was created or how the mechanics work. I personally think if I can tell my customer that they’re getting more value for their money, they’d be happier than ever, and the staff did not know how to portray this to me.

The value: Considering their new strategy, I think the Johnny Rockets value has grown more than ever before. I would say they are priced a little bit below their competitors, if not similar and that is good thing as I do find their quality and selections quite big.

The Place: 7 / 10
The Service: 7 / 10
The Food: 6.5 / 10

Overall: 6.8 / 10

If you love burgers, and like me, want to try them all, I would definitely recommend Johnny Rockets. They have a great selection of delicious burgers. They even give you more burger for your money than ever before, how could we complain about that?


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